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My name is Natalie Charlotte Turner and I have been running this blog for quite some years, mostly on and off because of my fashion degree and jobs. So no, I’m not a full time fashion blogger, that is why I sometimes disappeared. But now, I am a graduate and have full time job in fashion, so meaning that I have a little more time to dedicate to skippinginheels.

What is Skippinginheels about? Well its kind of a huge mash-up of everything I like about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I share my thoughts and likes with you all. It’s a hobby that has help me discover myself and opened many doors. Thanks to Skippinginheels so many amazing things have happened that I will be forever grateful.

If you would like to discover more about me and Skippinginheels please go ahead and follow me on my social medias. Find me as Skippinginheels on…well, almost every social media you can think of!! Nah, just Facebook, Intagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, Tmblr…

If you are a business please send me over an email to have a chat and I can send you over my press dossier. It’s really interesting!

Thanks and enjoy!