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Beverly Hills and Rodeo

written by Natalie 21st February 2017

Still have many photos of my Usa trip! Here are just a few in front of the famous Beverly Hills hotel on Sunset Boulevard and on the luxurious Rodeo Drive. The hotel was known as the place to stay if you were people like Elisabeth Taylor, J.F.Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe or John Wayne.
Somewhere more to add on to your ever ending list of places to go while in L.A.
Aun tengo muchísimas fotos que enseñaros de mi viaje a Estados Unidos. Aquí tenéis unas pocas enfrente del famoso hotel Berverly Hills situado en Sunset Boulevard y otras dos en Rodeo Drive. El hotel era bastante conocido y era el lugar donde se hopeaban famosos como Elisabeth Taylor, J.F.Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe y John Wayne.
Un sitio que no puede faltar en vuestra infinita lista de cosas para ver en L.A.

Jacket/Chaqueta Stradivarius
Skirt/Falda Zara
Tshirt/Camiseta Abercrombie & Fitch

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