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The Hottest Looks for Fall

written by Natalie 26th October 2013
While the various international fashion weeks are designed to focus on the fashions that will be featured in the upcoming seasons, the looks worn by those in attendance are just as significant as those highlighted on the runways. From hair to footwear, fashion weeks provide inspiration for looks during the current season. This fall, expect to see bright colors, cool patterns, funky jungle prints, tribal-inspired designs, and last spring and summer’s florals paired with over-sized cardigans and jackets in a variety of shapes and silhouettes.
Even with the retreading of a few of last season’s staple pieces, most of the designs for this fall include fresh, modern, and unconventional looks. Colorful garments and accessories are also key items that you’ll want to incorporate in your wardrobe. Mix and match these pieces with the season’s other clothing and accessories, and you’re ready for the fall.

Autumn’s Prints and Patterns

This fall is all about spunky patterns, prints, and colors with these designs adorning pieces like tights, Harem pants, shorts, tailored trousers, and light-weight blouses, so whether you opt to rock a frock in a funky jungle pattern or an outfit infused with tribal details, your wardrobe will definitely be full of items with flair. In addition to exotic patterns and feminine prints, fall’s fashions also focus on the colonial period in African history by using materials in a bevy of shades of khaki and infusing colors like dark greens. Structured, sophisticated pieces, like military jackets, in solid, dark hues or natural, subdued colors are major items that follow this trend, so look out for these items this season. Add brazen accessories in brilliant colors such as edgy M&S jewelry or sunglasses from Ray-Ban to make your outfit stimulating. Don’t be afraid to blend in other fashions for the autumn season even if they clash. Intertwine coquettish dresses or a girly skirt and blouse combo with a sleek leather bomber or combat boots. Again, you can spice up this hip look with fun accessories like edgy wrist cuffs or a unique hat such as a Pill Box or Bowler. You can also incorporate the season’s new beauty trends in your look to make a solid fashion statement, so don’t be afraid to paint your lips bright red, don cat-eye makeup, and grow your eyebrows thick and prominent.
Fall’s Cool Colors
Although prints and patterns are embellishing some of this season’s most outrageous trends, soft pastels and other mellow hues are being used by fashion designers in an array of garments from silk mix jackets to trousers. During London’s Fashion Week, those seated around the catwalk and in the streets rocked a plethora of conservatively constructed dresses in black, which was a delightful contrast to the whimsical gowns in hues of pink, blush, mint, lilac and white that were the focal point on the catwalks of a variety of shows. Intriguing colors will also be utilized in a range of different clothing and accessory styles, which can add to your all black ensemble. You can also use the fall’s beauty trends to add a bit of color to your black look, so feel free to accent your best facial features with some of the season’s boldest makeup.

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