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I’m feeling 22

written by Natalie 26th July 2013

Sometimes a simple accessories can complete an outfit; in this case, the bag IS the outfit. The basic and simple clothes are lightened up thanks to the colourful and fun bag. Remember, that “Less is more” and, who said that? Who will answer first? 🙂

Un complemento puede completar un outfit; en este caso, el bolso ES el outfit. Las prendas básicas y simples que llevo son animados gracias al colorido bolso divertido. Recordar que “Menos es mas” ¿y quien dijo eso? ¿Quién acertará primero? 🙂

 Bag/Bolso Priamrk (instore)
Shots Zara (old)
Shoes/Zapatos Zara (SALES/REBAJAS)

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