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Rita Ora

written by Natalie 7th June 2012

Some of you might have heard about Rita Ora, maybe because the similarity to Rihanna, her music, being taken on by Jay-Z or her style.
She has captured me with her music and unique style so I wanted to share with you this new artist.

Quizas algunos ya conoceis a Rita Ora, quizas por su similtud a Rihanna, por su musica, por ser la “nueva” de Jay-Z o simplemente por su estilo.
A mi me ha capturado por su musica y su estilo unico, asi que queria compartir con vosotros esta nueva artista. 234img-rita-ora_214338646352.jpg_article_singleimage675tumblr_m492buoCwx1qeju8so1_500

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